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● Explanation of Zaimokuza Beach
One of the most important features of Kamakura City is its coastline, located to the south of the city.
There are 5 beaches spanning the 7 km long coast: Zaimokuza Beach, Yuigahama Beach, Inamuragasaki Beach, Shichirigahama Beach, and Koshigoe Beach.

・Among these beaches, Zaimokuza Beach is particularly long and shallow, with gentle waves. Because of this, it can get crowded with tourists who come to swim every year. We carry out “cleaning and maintenance activities,” “safety and security operations,” and “secondhand smoke prevention measures.”
During beach season, the staff from every beach shop in the beach area clean the beach in the early morning every day.

In addition, it is our aim to keep the beach safe and secure. To ensure the safety of beach visitors there are lifeguards who can perform monitoring/rescue within swimming zones, police on patrol from the nearest police station, and surveillance cameras installed along the coast. Through our efforts, and with the cooperation of the local residents, we stand as a united body dedicated to the safety and security of beach visitors.

(Kamakura City)


【Cover tattoos】

Tatoos are becoming part of fashion these days.There are some countries which have tattoo culture, however in Japan, there are children and parents who are afraid of a person himself/herself who has tattoos.If you have tattoos on your body, we kindly ask that you cover them up because the beach is a public place.

【Do not drink alcohol】

Although drinking alcohol on the beach can be fun, there are reasons why it is not allowed here.

One of those reasons is that the beach is a public place. A drunk person might trouble other people by being noisy, falling over, or vomiting. Therefore, it is prohibited to drink alcohol on the beach.

Please drink alcohol inside a beach shop.

<About Using Beach Shops>

Drinking alcohol on the beach is prohibited. However, drinking alcohol is permitted inside the beach shops (cash on delivery).

 A beach shop is a restaurant, therefore in general bringing in outside food or drinks is prohibited.

-> It is also possible to use a beach shop for just eating and drinking

-> Beach Chair & Parasol

– Flat fee in each shop: Chair 1000 yen

                                   Parasol 1500 yen

<About Showers & Lockers & Resting>

– Showers and lockers are available for a fee in each beach shop.

– You can use the beach shop tables and chairs to rest by paying the following fee.

– Flat fee in each shop: shower & locker

Adult 1500 yen

Child 800 yen


Cleaning activities for the beach

Every day during beach season, the staff from every beach shop in the beach area clean the beach twice a day: once in the early morning and once in the evening.

Additionally, when a typhoon passes or high waves come, we devote ourselves wholeheartedly to engage in quick recovery efforts such as restoration of land features and removal of debris.

Safety and security operations

The safety of beach visitors is our highest priority. In order to keep our beach safe and secure there are highly-trained lifeguards who carry out monitoring/rescue within swimming zones, police on patrol from the nearest police station, surveillance cameras installed along the coast, and a communication network used by beach shops.

Secondhand smoke prevention measures

Smoking on the beach is prohibited in accordance with the “Kanagawa Prefecture Ordinance on Beaches, etc.” Kanagawa Prefecture is one of the first prefectures in Japan to adopt a strict anti-smoking ordinance such as this.
When you smoke, please use one of the designated smoking areas near a shop.